November 16, 2017

11 Things to be thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches

Thanksgiving is coming. Which means it’s time to start being thankful and preparing yourself for massive amounts of food and relatives. Check out the list below of the things we’re thankful for this year.

  1. Food (stuffing is coming!):

    For me, Thanksgiving is all about the food. Stuffing and cranberry sauce is something I look forward to all year. So get ready-Food is coming!

  2. Hand turkeys:

    If there is a kid in your life, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to receive one of these delightful art pieces! And if not, grab some construction paper and markers and make one yourself!

  3. Leaves changing:

    If you’re lucky enough to live in New England, then the fall foliage is truly a treat. It can even make you daily commute enjoyable since the leaves around you are bright orange, red, and yellow.

  4. Sweater weather:

    Need I say more? It’s finally time to cozy up in your favorite oversized sweater. Yes.

  5. Napkin rings:

    If your family goes a little crazy with the Thanksgiving table setting, then you have a few things to look forward to.  Napkin rings on your fancy napkins really help set the fall spirit. Will they feature turkey, foliage? Who knows!

  6. Fancy napkins:

    It’s time to ditch the paper towels and those black cotton napkins you use every night. Here come the heavy, intricate napkins that you better not get dirty.

  7. The good china:

    This is really something exciting (and nerve-wracking). THe good CHina only comes out once many twice a year, and when you see it, you know a feast is upon you. Just be sure you don’t break any plates.

  8. Family time:

    This is when your relatives and friends who are family gather from near and far to eat, drink, eat some more and then pass out on the couch. A great day full of laughter, conversation, and did I mention, food?

  9. Football:

    For those more inclined to watch sports, Thanksgiving is the second best Football day of the year (behind the Superbowl, of course). Go, team!

  10. Macy’s parade:

    Always a fun thing to watch (if you wake up on time). The Rockettes, marching bands, Broadway performers, and the balloons! If you’re lucky you may even see a giant balloon escape and go on its own parade route.

  11. FreeFall contest:

    Here’s something new to be thankful for this year. wants to help you celebrate the fall season, so every week we are buying everything in one lucky winner’s cat. So get shopping!

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