November 16, 2017

17 Ways to Use before 2017 Ends! is a tool that goes beyond online shopping. Ultimately, it’s about simplifying your life, giving you more time to focus on what really matters. Here are 17 ways to use you may not have thought of before.

  1. Christmas shopping: Use as the ultimate way to stay on top of the gifting season.
  2. Birthday party: Your save for alter can be party central: balloons, cups, plates, decorations, toss it all in there!
  3. Personal wishlist: All those things you want to buy but really shouldn’t and then forget about? Save them for later and buy them on a rainy day.
  4. Wedding planning: Wedding planning can take months, luckily, your cart is not going anywhere! Use it as an idea board that you can actually buy from.
  5. Computer building: If you are a tech genius (or wannabe) who builds there own setups, is the perfect tool to keep track of all your parts.
  6. Back to school shopping: Pens, highlighters, notebooks, backpacks…keep track of everything every kid needs in one place.
  7. Kitchen redecorating: If you want to redo the kitchen but aren’t prepared for a full overhaul, you can use to build your list of dream kitchen items, and purchase them when you’re ready.
  8. Housewarming ideas: If you’re always searching for that perfect housewarming gift at the last minute, you should use like your online gift closet. Anytime you come across something that could be the perfect gift, add it to Then, when you’re in a pinch the perfect gift is just waiting for you to click buy!
  9. Grocery shopping: You buy everything else online, why not your food, too! See final prices, and get what you need all form the comfort of your couch.
  10. bulk buying: Why haul everything from the store to your kitchen? Buy online through and everything shows up on your doorstep.
  11. Dorm shopping: Furnishing a dorm room is no small task. Between Target, Walmart, The Container Store and Amazon, your new college student needs lots of things from lots of places. Use to keep track of the whole process.
  12. Building a library: Still a fan of real books? Keep your reading list in and only buy when you’re ready to read.
  13. Outfit creation: Find an amazing dress but that store doesn’t have the right shoes? Add the dress to your cart and the best shoes from across the web. Compare them all in one place and then buy the perfect ensemble.
  14. Price comparison: Add your favorite item from multiple stores and figure out the total cost before you buy so you can be smarter with your money.
  15. Remembering your new favorite stores: Ever find something at a random website that you love? But you don’t buy it and can never remember the site. Enter Just add the item to your cart and it’ll stay there until you’re ready!
  16. Budgeting: is a great tool to keep track of your spending. With your entire purchase history in one place, you can really see where your money goes.
  17. Time-saving: No more entering your personal info on every. single. site. does it for you, so say “hello!” to more free time.

These are only some of the ways our users have tried out What do you use for? The possibilities are endless.

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