About Us

Simplify online shopping.

Our mission is simple–to make online shopping great again. We believe that everyone should have the ability to shop online, free from hassles, barriers and restrictions. - At Our San Francisco Office

People come first.

Our aim is to empower the online shopper. We take all customer feedback to heart, and work quickly to adapt our product to the changing needs of our users. - We Work Hard

True to ourselves.

We are the family. Spanning cultures and continents, we are united by our passion for excellence and innovation. As we continue to grow and evolve, our collective commitment to create a superior product remains. - Our German Team Celebrates

Our Culture

The e-commerce renaissance won’t happen by chance. With this in mind, we move forward as a team, regardless of professional backgrounds or hierarchies. We are result oriented. We strive for meritocracy, favor potential over experience, and provide a fruitful foundation for our entire team to perform at the top of their game.

How do we do this? By giving our peers the opportunity to make a difference, for both our users and ourselves. Joining means being a part of a true startup. There is a steep learning curve, true accountability and incredible potential for success.

Jay Habib - CEO

A few years ago, Jay was trying to buy some items online for his new home. While shopping, he grew frustrated with the tedium of registering for new sites and filling out checkout forms. “It took as many as 12 steps to make a purchase. What a senseless waste of time.” And so the idea for, an automated Universal Cart browser extension, was born. Jay brought friend Manuel on board to lead development, and in 2014 the duo started the business in Dusseldorf, Germany. Before, Jay founded several startups and gained professional experience in business development, consulting, and private equity. With two parents who immigrated to Germany, Jay has a predilection for underdogs who fight their way to reach their goals. He has become a visionary and people-driven entrepreneur, who believes that if he can imagine it, he can do it. This drive is matched with his life goal to “leave the world in better shape than when [he] entered it.” For fun, Jay loves a wide range of sports and games, as well as spending time with his two little girls.

Manuel Schoebel - CTO

Manuel grew up in the Ruhr area of western Germany, and went on to earn a degree in Business Informatics, specialising in E-Entrepreneurship, at the University of Duisberg-Essen in 2010. While still in university, Manuel and a friend created Webucate, an interactive e-learning platform, and won several awards including Netstart and Beta Pitch Cologne. Realizing he loved working on projects with different technologies and meeting new people, Manuel became a freelance web developer and created several meetup groups in western germany for aspiring entrepreneurs. As a very early adopter of MeteorJS, he co-authored one of the first books on the open source platform and started a group where he could teach what he’d learned. In 2014, Manuel co-founded with his friend Jay Habib, where he now works closely with the developers as CTO. In his freetime Manuel enjoys cooking, photography, playing the drums, and automating his gardening attempts.

Kim Cabot - COO

Kim was born, raised and has almost continually resided in some part of sunny California. While still earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology from UC San Diego, Kim interned with her first start-up, a company streaming live music dedications online (trust us, that used to be really cool stuff), and started an ongoing geek-out affair with entrepreneurship. Over the years, Kim worked with six other start-ups and co-founded four before earning her MBA from Haas, UC Berkeley with a focus in – you guessed it – Entrepreneurship. As COO of, Kim gets to apply her love of design thinking, human/computer interaction, pixel-perfect mockups, and general people watching to the fascinating world of online shopping. In her free time, Kim enjoys traveling with her husband and young son, reading books on applied psychology, finding new ways to quantify herself, and breaking down all the boxes generated from her online shopping habit.

We can be found in the heart of San Francisco, California and in beautiful historic Düsseldorf, Germany.

845 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103