November 16, 2017

Under $50 Gift Guide: 2017 Edition

Want to give an awesome gift that doesn’t break the bank? Me, too. has come up with a list of new gadgets and tried and true items sure to delight any friend or sibling. Toss them all in your cart, and then decide who gets what.

Echo Dot: Clocking in at $49, it’s the perfect gift that to really wow your friend, but keep your wallet happy. This small Alexa has the same functionality as the $179 larger one, just not quite as good a speaker. For a 1/3 of the price. Definitely a great idea.



Moana: THE movie of the year. Even people who say they hate animation or kids movies love it, but they may not admit it. I, for one, have watched in at least three times in a one week period. A great story about a strong woman, that also features absolutely stunning animation. Buy the DVD, a plush toy, or a coloring book. For your niece,  your best friend. Hey, I’m not one to judge.



Socks: Worst gift when you were a kid? Yes, But now, absolutely perfect. You can even get some funny ones with a message on the bottom, like “If you can read this-Bring me a glass of wine.” Sold.




Travel Pillow: A good travel pillow can make all the difference between a grumpy start or a refreshed start to a vacation. I find the memory foam pillows to be the winners. A perfect gift for your jet-set friend who isn’t willing to admit they need one (they do).



Earrings: I bought a pair from Gorjana and have worn them every day for 6 months. They look way more expensive than they are, but are cheap enough that losing one wouldn’t be a disaster. And they’re just different enough from your typical stud to keep life interesting. For the low maintenance fashionista, they’re perfect.

At the very least, this list should get your gifting-on-a-budget juices flowing. Add these items and more to your cart, and be a frugal holiday genius. Your friends and your wallet will love you.

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