November 16, 2017

How Your Shopping Gives Back This Year

With those gift-giving days in sight and so many options to choose from, you know from experience, you need to go above and beyond this year. Now the question is, how was your clothing made? These are not only some of the best clothing sites we found for you, but they also help give back in many ways. Giving back to the loved ones, and also to those who need it, you can make a difference for the better.

Loading up your carts with these naturally impressive pieces gives you a chance to race to our contest finish line. You have one more month of FreeFall left, for this week you could be our lucky winner!

Mata Traders

A Green America certified company, you can get a strong guarantee that your purchase from Mata Traders was worth it. They implement crafting techniques from India and Nepal that have been utilized for centuries. Their embroidery and block printing make amazing gifts from jewelry, clothing, scarves, and accessories, check this out! Beautiful pieces for any day. Purchasing from them, you help to stand against child labor, help empower women, and fight poverty.


There are some companies whose sole purpose is to help give back, especially to those who create their products. Indigenous, through all their beautiful sustainable handcrafted, organic clothes for men and women such as Alpacha sweaters, is no exception. Not only is this company part of Green America, B Corp, and World Fair Trade; they also donate clothes to those who need it. Any item you purchase, Indigenous will provide a piece of their clothing to the California Fire Relief.


With each item of clothing is sewn in Nepal, Elegantees makes sure each natural piece is one you can wear happily. With Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) fresh cotton, you need to check out some of their warm new winter wears! This company works hard to save thousands of lives in Nepal as they work hard to fight sex trafficking. Buying anything from this website, you are actively fighting for a positive change, helping to restore lives.


Utilizing clothing creation to another level, this company gives back to their locals and to the environment. Creating fashion from a carbon-neutral facility, they craft from a clean sources for creating their material. Slumlove sends profits to Kibera students for scholarships to continue their education. This is a great way to help knowledge flourish where it is needed. Look at their outstanding men and women pieces of organic clothing! You can be sure that you’ll feel all nice and comfy in these ethically made clothes.


Given the seal for Green America, Synergy makes their recycled clothes in healthy work conditions. All the while making amazing fashion statements, they give back profits to Nepal’s women and children nonprofit groups. With great pay and working conditions, this company strives to help everyone. Need an outfit  for a great night out in the town, try this out! Using GOTS cotton in their clothes, it’ll be a problem when you just want to lay in your new clothes all day. Catnap time?

You can find clothing pieces here that are as fresh as the food you’ve been growing and eating. Companies such as these not only help the Earth and the individuals that handcrafted your clothes, but also to those who need it.

Some of the sharpest clothes have never been so clean. Be sure to load up your cart with these incredible options for the last month of FreeFall!

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