May 11, 2017

Sometimes Online Shopping Just Sucks.


There you are sitting on your couch, watching TV, petting your dog, and sipping on some tea. And oh yeah, you’re also shoe shopping at Zappos and buying new headphones at Best Buy. What a perfect evening! What could ever go wrong? A lot, it turns out. We’ve surveyed shoppers across the country, and there are a few struggles that everyone seems to deal with. Any of these sound familiar to you?

Losing your Cart

Your friend’s birthday is coming up, and you’re browsing for gifts. You’ve spent the last hour curating the perfect shopping cart. You think you’re just about ready to check out, and then…your browser crashes. When you go back to, your cart is empty. You’ve lost your cart, and now you’re about to lose your sh*t.

angry man throws computer, online shopping just sucks

Endless Forms

You need to buy some notepads for your home office, and you decide to give a shot. You add a few notepads to your cart, and go to quickly check out. But wait, you HAVE to register to check out. WHY? You go ahead and register, and then they immediately say you need to log in. Didn’t you JUST register?? But you do it, and then you go to your cart to check out. Too bad the checkout page is eight steps long, and they need your name, email, phone number, shipping address, billing address, photo of you at age seven, social security number, your grandmother’s birthday, and a sample of your DNA. WHY??? You finally checkout, and then you take a quick nap, because that was exhausting.

crazy typing on computer, online shopping just sucks

No Coupons

You’re browsing Williams-Sonoma, looking for a new blender. You find one you like, and add it to your cart. Ah, but wait! There must be a coupon for this thing, right? You look at their home page. Hmmm, no. So you look on the page with all the blenders. Hmmm, still no. Maybe there’s something on one of those coupon websites? You look, and try about 5. They’re all expired. Dang! Ok, well you heard that sometimes when you leave something in your cart, the store will email you with a coupon. So you wait for 3 days. There’s no coupon in your email. You go back to Williams-Sonoma, and the blender’s sold out. SERIOUSLY?

throwing computer, online shopping just sucks

Tons of Tabs

You’re going to Mexico for vacation, and you need to find the perfect beach outfit. So you look at some dresses at Nordstroms, and then you browse some at Gap, and then you head to J Crew, Banana Republic, Macy’s, Old Navy…. Wait a second, it’s two hours later and you have 47 tabs open! How did that even happen!? But more importantly, which tab is which? You can’t even remember what you’ve looked at in each store! Help! Your eyes glaze over, you lose hope, and you click the “Close All” button at the top left of your browser. Your hard work is lost forever.

angry woman at computer, online shopping just sucks

We’re just as tired as you are of sucky online shopping. That’s why we created, the first truly universal shopping cart. With, you can keep all of your items, from all of your stores, in one place. You’ll never have to worry about losing a cart, or forgetting which store you were shopping at. Even better, features automatic registration and checkout, so you don’t have to sit through the boring stuff ever again. When you’re ready to checkout, automatically applies the best available coupon to your cart. Online shopping has never been faster, more convenient, or more fun. is free to use, now and forever. Sign up today.

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