May 4, 2017

Meet the Sweepstakes Winners!


It’s been two weeks since the beginning of’s Memorial Day Sweepstakes. Every day, a shopper’s checkout from the previous day is randomly selected to be fully reimbursed! Check out some of the awesome carts of our sweepstakes winners so far.

Steve from California wins a basket from Deep Discount. He checked out with a selection of CDs and DVDs, at a total cost of $28.03. Nice!


Adrian from California bought photography equipment from B&H Photo. He’s winning back his entire checkout, totaled at $208.95. Woohoo!


Lora from North Carolina wins a $115.31 checkout from Pampered Chef. She purchased herself some new kitchen items, and we’re reimbursing her. Go Lora!


Robert from California wins a $103.90 checkout from Amazon. He bought a Fire HD Tablet, and we’re paying for it! Sweeeeeet.


Brandi from California checked out at Groupon with a travel tote bag. She’s winning back her entire order total, a value of $21.94. Nice, Brandi!


These are just some of the awesome baskets that our shoppers are winning, and there are still 24 days of the sweepstakes left. Are you ready to have your online shopping reimbursed? Next time you’re browsing, add your items to the Universal Cart and checkout with just a click. Your order is entered into both the daily and grand prize lottery. And every checkout counts as a unique entry!

So what are you waiting for? is totally free to use, and takes the hassle out of shopping across multiple store, registering, and checking out. If you’re ready to win an online shopping trip, sign up at

Good luck and happy shopping!

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