November 16, 2017

How to throw the best ugly sweater holiday party

Already dreaming of the annual indulgence of ridiculous sweaters and great fun? Make sure you follow’s tips to throw the best ugly Christmas sweater party. Ever. 

  1. Obviously, a good ugly sweater is key. I always recommend trying goodwill or salvation army, but if you are in the mood to hunt for your prize, then go to tipsy elves. There is something for everyone, from the cat lover to the pizza lover, you’ll be sure to impress your guests.
  2. Dress up the dogs. Will they hate you? Probably yes. Will the pictures and oohs and awws of your guests be worth it? Definitely yes. Check out some cute reindeer antlers, Santa hats and elf ears here. 
  3. Step up your drink game. instead of just buying beer, try making a festive punch. Even get one of those punch bowls and labels, and make it pretty, and pretty boozy.
  4. Pick a surprising theme. instead of embracing the snow and winter wonderland that is outside, pretend you’re down under and throw a summer themed party. Australia and New Zealand experience Christmas during the summer, and the decorations that go along with that are excellent (aka surfing Santa). Embrace this surprising theme and it’ll be a party to remember.
  5. Set up a photo booth: you can print out props from an easy package, attach them to sticks and wallah! Your guests will be able to capture fantastic memories from the night. You could even buy a beach tapestry (for your beach themes) to hang on the wall to really tie it all together.

You’ve still got some time to plan, but may as well start shopping! Add all of your items (and your very best sweater) to your cart, buy them now, or save them for later so you don’t forget. Happy shopping!

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